Bonus Club

Supermarket chain "Yerevan city" thinking of the most interesting and profitable purchases of customers, have launched the creation of the bonus program in the form of cards: "Basic" and "Additional". When shopping in supermarkets "Yerevan city" and if you have a "bonus" card, you earn points for purchases, which will automatically be credited to your personal account. You can spend points at any time on all purchases if you wish! Just always show your “Bonus” card at the checkout.

This way you do not limit yourself to just gifts or catalogs,  but can  exchange accumulated points on necessary products at any time!

    How to earn points

    You get points for buying in supermarket chain "Yerevan City" at the rate of 0.5 point for each 100 drams (basic rule). To do this, with every purchase submit your cashier Bonus Card (basic or additional). The number of points and the total amount indicated at the bottom on the sales receipt.

    Faster increase its balance possible with our special offers:

    + 0.5 point for each 100 AMD (if the total amount of your purchases over 5000 AMD)
    + 0.5 point for each 100 AMD (making purchases from 10.00 till 01.00)
    + 3 points for each 100 AMD (if you make a purchase on your Birthday).

    If you want to double, triple or multiply your points several times, you can order the "additional" cards in any quantity and give them to family members, relatives, friends, etc.